Fitness Testimonials

I strongly recommend Ann’s services as a personal trainer. I have been working with Ann since mid-February 2013. I have three, one-hour with her per week at my home, and regularly communicate with her virtually regarding my health and fitness needs. Since I started working with Ann, I have improved my overall health immensely and have lost more than 20 pounds and several inches of body fat from various areas of my body. I have been very impressed not only with Ann’s breadth and depth of knowledge in her areas of expertise, but also with her professionalism, dedication, and ability to tailor her services to meet my needs and to help me set and achieve realistic, yet aggressive fitness and health goals. My sessions with Ann are fun, diverse, and very effective. I anticipate working with Ann for many years to come and I recommend her services without reservation. – Dr. C. Bates


Thanks for a great workout today. I bought a new jar of pickles and opened it without assistance of a man finally. Liking my new arm strength.

B. Elder

Hi Ann,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the workouts with you. Thank you for being patient with me. I’m so glad I found you.
See you tomorrow!


I traveled to ATL today to meet with personal trainer, Ann Prokenpek. She is a wealth of information and gave me great tips on transferring to an anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet. She was so thoughtful and knew that I have three little athletes, so she also gave me information on nutrition guidelines for youth athletes. She also provided me with great tips for injury prevention and for incorporating strength training into my workout. THANK YOU Ann!!!!

B. Moore

I have been working with Ann for over 2 years now. The best decision I ever made. I change my goals from time to time and Ann does an incredible job helping me reach them every time. At 41 years old, I have not been in this good of shape in over 20 years. My latest adventure was a 5k obstacle course. Ann went in and reviewed the obstacles and designed a workout program for me to conquer the race!! Absolutely incredible!!! I flew through every obstacle without a problem. I was even able to run across a four inch beam when others were walking and shaking. My core is stronger, my body is completely different than just a few years ago. I owe it all to Ann!!!

Make the decision to work with her and it will be the best thing you have done! She encourages you along the way and makes sure that you are doing all of the right things including your form!! Thanks to Ann, my life has really started all over!!! Thanks ANN!!!!!!

Roy Norman

*The pictures below are from a more recent 12 mile obstacle course – The Tough Mudder*


Seeing the results my Mom has achieved with Ann as her trainer has been truly awe-inspiring! Every time my Mom would come for a visit seeing her transformation was simply amazing. I spent the last three months visiting my parents and getting to see how she has achieved these remarkable results was a treat.

Ann would send my Mom weekly workouts that she could print out. Ann was available to discuss and modify any workout or stength training regimen if needed because of my Mom’s knee issues. Though from what I witnessed, her knee issues are now very few. My Mom has not only lost weight and become lean but seeing her perform these moves with such agility and athleticism was incredible! My Mom would also video chat with Ann to discuss what was working, what was challenging and what she would still like to accomplish.

What is really cool about my Mom’s progress is like many of us women she has tried many of the diets out there. She would lose weight only to gain it back. Before, a weekend of BBQ’s or a stressful project at work was enough to really hurt her eating habits, however in the three months I spent in CA, watching her dedication to her workouts and her healthful food choices was awesome! She will still go out with my Dad to a restaurant on a Friday night, but she is able to make it the weekly exception and not an excuse to let bad habits snow ball. I do think that being accountable to a trainer who genuinely cares about her welfare has made the difference!

I can’t wait to start my own training program with Ann!


Krista Bibby


I began training with Ann a little over a year ago and the progress I’ve achieved in my fitness pursuits is directly attributable to the program she has designed for me and the personal interest she takes in my welfare.

Ann and I worked at the same company for many years and she was aware of my many ups and downs and also aware of the challenges I had because of prior surgery on both knees. In the past, whenever I hired a trainer from the gym I belong to, they would simply apply a cookie cutter approach to me with no regard to my age or physical constraints. I would ALWAYS end up injured and mentally defeated. But Ann designed a program customized just for me that took my limitations into consideration. She started me out with exercises that strengthened the muscles surrounding my knees so that I could do the more difficult moves later on without compromising the joints. She always provides modification alternatives and encourages feedback. Ann has gotten me out of my cardio-only rut and helped me to appreciate the weight training aspects of a balanced fitness regimen. I may never truly love weight training, but I realize now that it is KEY, especially for women my age.

I won’t say it’s easy and because I’m on the west coast and Ann is on the east, it does require honesty and commitment on my part. We conduct our coaching sessions via Skype. She also sets up my training routines on the HFPN web site where I can view them and even watch videos of the exercises I’m not familiar with. Ann also tracks my progress with eating, supplementation and self-talk. In the past, I would let a “fall off of the wagon” completely derail me. But she has really helped me with my black-or-white mentality and to see that even small successes are positive moves. I can turn my bad weekends into learning experiences. When she noticed that I was baking more after my daughter and granddaughter came for an extended stay, she gave me extra exercises to help compensate for the spike in calorie intake. I’m grateful that she holds me accountable for my behavior.

When I had my annual physical a few months ago, my primary care doctor was thrilled with me and my “numbers” all saw improvement. My cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and I have been able to significantly reduce my use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Thanks to Ann, I have made exercise an integral part of my life, it’s no longer a negotiable. I’m excited to see what direction Ann will take my workouts in this second year and am considering investing in the TRX suspension system. My goal for this year is to maintain the exercise while focusing on making my eating more consistent and “cleaner”. It’s also exciting that I can actually see a future where dual total knee replacements don’t necessarily have to be a part of my my future.

If you are serious about improving your fitness, you owe it to yourself to contact Ann and have her design a program that is customized for you. You won’t be sorry!

Jennifer Ashley