So!  Did you watch Extreme Weight Loss last night?  Ryan’s story was so incredibly inspiring to me.  I think what got me the most is how afraid he was to ride a bicycle.  Even as a child, prior to losing his arm, he was never able to ride a bike.  Since losing his arm in a horrific car accident a few years ago, he was even more fearful.  What if he were to fall off the bike?  He would not be able to brace himself or do anything to break his fall.  If he broke his remaining arm, how would he function?

I can really relate to that fear.  I don’t want to make this about me, because that is not the point, but I can relate because if I am injured in some way, it could affect my ability to perform my normal workday activities. That could be financially devastating for me.  Anyway, back to Ryan.

He made AMAZING progress in his first 3 months.  Ryan lost 112 lbs in 90 days!  That is so incredible, and a true record breaker for Chris.

At one point, Ryan was only drinking shakes for nourishment. In the second 3 months, he ended up malnourished, his hair was falling out, he was getting dizzy while doing his workouts. Yes, he continued to lose weight, but this was not the healthy way to lose it. Chris Powell went back to spend more time with Ryan to get him back on the right track. Ryan ultimately lost 53% of his original body weight going from a starting weight of 410 lbs down to 193 lbs in one year.

Ryan stopped eating properly again during the 3rd phase, which caused an hormonal imbalance, so the surgeon who removes the excess skin and was going to shape his shoulder area to fit a prosthetic, refused to allow the surgery. Chris made Ryan start to focus on nutrition instead of the weight he wanted to lose. The end result was Ryan was in great health, could have the surgery, and lost 2 lbs over his goal for a total weight loss of 217 lbs.

It’s ok to have a meal replacement shake (especially the Powell Perfect Bod-e Shake) once, sometimes even twice per day, but you still need to eat whole food in it’s most natural form in order to fuel your body properly and give it the nutrients it needs to function properly.

By following the Chris Powell Carb-Cycle program, sticking with the smart carbs, smart protein and veggies, anyone (barring health issues) can also see great results.  For more information on Chris’s Transformation System Click Here.

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