Today is Day-7 of Week 4 of Chris Powell’s Carb-Cycle Program, which was high-carb week.  Oddly enough, I do not think I like high-carb week very much. Since I am a “meat-on-the-side” kind of person, I really thought I would prefer this week.  High-carb Week does not mean that you get to eat a bunch of pasta, French Fries, etc.  It just means that you are eat more fruits and grains.

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Today is another “guilt-free” day, but the good thing about this program is, I only want to eat healthy food.  I do not even want one of my 10% foods (not part of Chris’s program).  In case you have missed any of my previous posts where I have discussed the “10% foods,” I will explain it to you now.  I do not believe in deprivation (neither do Chris & Heidi Powell), but I do believe in moderation.  10% foods are those foods that you really enjoy, but are not necessarily good for you or are high-calorie, or both.  Say you are following this program and eating 5 times per day, 7 days per week.  That adds up to 35 meals per week.  Following my 10% foods suggestion, you would be able to eat that “not-so-good-for-you” food approximately 3 times per week.  Ok, so that’s a little less than 10%, but it’s very reasonable.  You will find that you really do not want those foods much anyway when you are fueling your body properly.  That being said, if you are following Chris’s Carb-Cycling program, you should follow the “guilt-free” day philosophy.  It works great, and you still do not feel deprived.

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