Are You Including Balance Training in Your Workout Program?

Young couple run together on a sunset

Young couple run together on a sunset

Balance exercises improve physical health by enhancing joint stabilization and postural control during active movement. In addition, balance exercises improve our body’s ability to respond effectively to unstable environments. This important element of training can improve one’s overall physical health, help prevent falls, and help prevent injury.

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Push, Pull, Swing Your Way to a Great Body!

Young couple run together on a sunset

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What’s In Your Smoothie?

Ann Prokenpek - NASM Elite Trainer

Do you know what’s in that smoothie you just bought at a local smoothie shop?  Did you know that some smoothies may contain as many as 400+ calories and 82 grams of sugar?  Your smoothie could be sabotaging your fitness goals and causing you to gain weight.


To make sure that your smoothie is low in sugar and healthy, it’s best to make your own.  You can make a delicious, healthy smoothie by adding a cup of frozen pineapple, half-cup each of Greek yogurt, milk, and orange juice.  For added benefits, add spinach and/or kale, and you have a delicious, nutritious treat without all the sugar and calories of the Smoothie Store smoothie.

Running Without Injury

Young couple run together on a sunset

Ever since I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist a few years ago, I always watch how people walk, run, sit, lift weights……  Whatever they are doing, I am scrutinizing posture and form.  This morning was no different.  I’m not a running coach, but watching the dozen or so runners by the river this morning was interesting.

Out of the dozen or so runners, only one person looked like he had some type of formal training.  His form was as perfect as it gets and he looked as though he was just gliding over the pavement.  Others were almost fun to watch flailing arms, odd foot strikes, and high impact on the pavement.  One man out there should not have been running at all.  He was wearing knee supports, landing hard, and was very obviously running in pain.  He was compensating for the pain by running with very awkward posture.  He will not only make his current injury worse, by compensating he is setting himself up for creating a new injury.

If you enjoy running, make sure you do your research on proper form right down to proper foot strike.  Better yet, hire a running coach for a session or two to make sure you are running for optimum performance, and injury prevention.  If you have an injury, take time off from running so that you allow your body to heal and do not set yourself up for another injury.  Walking is also an excellent form of exercise, especially during the rehab phase of an injury (depending upon the injury of course).


As always, be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new physical activity.

Well Hello Triceps!


This month, I am in the Max Muscle/Max Strength phase of my program.  I am doing a 5-day split, so yesterday was shoulders and triceps.  Holy Moly!!!  They are say GOOD MORNING to me.  :-)  It’s the perfect amount of soreness though.  I feel them, know I worked them, but I can still function.  Love it!

Weight Lifting Girl