Ann Prokenpek – Fitness Expert/Health & Fitness Coach

Ann Prokenpek - NASM Elite Trainer

Ann Prokenpek

As a NASM Elite Trainer/Fitness Expert on and Senior Fitness Specialist, I design workouts and nutrition programs unique to each individual based on his/her fitness assessment that aid in achieving such goals as, improving flexibility & mobility, preventing injury or injury rehabilitation, improving strength as well as balance and stability.  Interested in improving your sports performance?  I will design a program unique to you and your specific needs.

Improve your golf swing, improve your speed and agility, lower your risk for injury.  Let’s chat to determine how I can help you reach your fitness goals.

General Information

Healthy Aging,Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, General Fitness, Sports Performance Enhancement

Philosophy: I believe in a practical approach to physical fitness based upon human movement; doing the right thing, the right way, for a better you; personalized training based upon your individual goals and fitness level; a balance between fitness, nutrition and attitude (mentally, physically and nutritionally fit for life).




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