Ann Prokenpek – NASM Elite Trainer & Healthways SilverSneakers Flex Instructor

Ann Prokenpek - NASM Elite Trainer

Ann Prokenpek

As a NASM Elite Trainer, Online Trainer, Fitness Expert on and Healthway SilverSneakers Flex Instructor, I design workouts and nutrition programs unique to each individual based on his/her fitness assessment that aid in achieving such goals as weight loss, improving flexibility & mobility, improving strength as wel as balance and stability.  I also provide Flex classes in various locations for those of you on the SilverSneakers program.  Classes include Circuit Training, Walking Groups, Strength and Balance training.

Improve your golf swing, meet new people, and have fun while getting in and/or staying in shape.

General Information

Senior Fitness,Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, General Fitness, Sports Performance Enhancement

Philosophy: I believe in a practical approach to physical fitness based upon human movement; doing the right thing, the right way, for a better you; personalized training based upon your individual goals and fitness level; a balance between fitness, nutrition and attitude (mentally, physically and nutritionally fit for life).





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